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color quartz tlham ba-d1018 Vas

color quartz tlham ba-d1018 Vas

tile Packaging Details Qapchu' Delivery SuD sparkle quartz rav &, 'IH color jonpIn quartz tlham Quartz nagh slab bIquv artificial nagh rewbe'mey'e' quartz crystals consist, 'ej DuD jenwI'-HoS resins latlh additives je. absorbency pagh 'ej.


Qapchu' Details

Daq mung:

guangdong, jungwoq (Mainland)

pong brand:


mI' ghantoH:



size 3050 * 1400 * 15 mm ghap 3050 * 760 * 15 mm, tIgh




booth tlham countertop, tabletop, rav tiles.


15-30 mm, 15 ghap 20 ghap 25 ghap 30 mm latlh thickness je lupoQ,


quartz qut


jonpIn quartz nagh


pong customized puS 50 colors


durable, eco-friendly

Sa' lo':

desk countertop, Qe' raS yor


tlhab samples, offered


30 pcs per color


10 DIS

Segh payment:

l ghap [taH, rut ghap rut, western DIvI'

packaging Delivery je

packaging Details:motlh wooden packing, QaD jan'e' ghor pong Sajmey, 60 pcs wa' tray wooden
delivery Detail:7 working days qaSpu'DI' payment joq deposit receipt

'IH color, quartz nagh jonpIn tile SuD sparkle quartz rav
quartz nagh slab 'eblIj artificial nagh rewbe'mey'e' quartz crystals consist, 'ej DuD jenwI'-HoS resins latlh additives je. pagh absorbency 'ej QI'yaH-porous, baS ngeD Say'.
details Introduction

tlhol Hap 'u'quartz 'och tIq, Resin 'ej ngaj
slab Size1250 × 3050 mm, 1450 × 3050 mm, 1650 × 3050 mm
thickness15 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm
tile Sizevay' pe'--size lupoQ
rInpolished Dajejqu'chugh, antique
technical De'ghu'vetlh2.35 ~ 2.40 g ghap cm3
bIQ Absorption0.01~0.02 %
specular Gloss> 50gs
mohs Hardness6 ~ 7mohs
resistance tISchoHlaHbe'bogh Abrasion 5 × 10-2 g ghap cm2
resistance peypagh choH
resistance Alkalis
internal Irradiation index0.02
external Irradiation index0.03
'utmo' DujvamQI'yaH-porus
jen Resistant pey
jen Resistant tuj
hign Resistant Scratch
jen Resistant nguv
jen HoS Flexural
ngeD leH Say' je
usagecountertop, rav, tlhoy', Cabinet yor, Windowsill, Worktop Etc.

mIw manufacture:
(1) feeding je DuD
(2) molding
(3) pressing bopummeH joH rop jen je vacuum je
(4) curing legh jen Hat, 90 100 centigrade
(5) calibrating ghor backside je
(6) polishing
(7) inspecting
(8) pe' 'ej Packing

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