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ba-pm3316 Sub ghor wholesale Features: 1) compound mma 'ej ath 2) Outstanding HoS, hardness, bendability 'ej mup ghap resistance 3 bIQ) Compatible Hoch bIquv environmental je 4) Minimum deterioration luH ultraviolet tIH.


ba-pm3316 Sub ghor wholesale


1) a compound mma ath 'ej

) outstanding HoS, hardness, bendability 2 mup ghap resistance bIQ

3) compatible Hoch bIquv environmental je

4) minimum deterioration luH ultraviolet tIH

5) etc ideally suited tlhegh curved tut, pillars, lo'.

6) lupoQ qaStaHvIS 20 pIm textures 'ej colors wIv

2.loading Quantity:


net ngI'20 GP40 GP
3660 * 760 * 12 mm65 kg ghap pcs270pcs400pcs
3050 * 760 * 12 mm55 kg ghap pcs300pc450pcs
2440 * 760 * 12 mm45 kg ghap pcs500pcs780pcs
2440 * 760 * 9 mm33 kg ghap pcs600pcs1000pcs
2440 * 760 * 6 mm23 kg ghap pcs750pcs1200pcs

longth: 2440/3050/3680mm(max)

width: 760 ghap 900mm(max)

thickness: 3~30mm(max)

3. application

widely lo' kitchen, puchpa', dining raS, rav'eq, tut ngeD tu'lu', jatlhtaH 'ej lojmIt cladding, tlhoy'. etc

1. juH Dachegh application: countertop, vanity yor, basin(sink), tlhoy', bIQ ghaywI' pa', raS. etc

2. commercial application: reception SuwamHa'bej, DuraS, windowsill, brand, baj SuwamHa'bej nom Soj raS tach. etc

4. technical Specification:

ce sgs Certificates,

laSvargh Hol suface Treatment

# 400 navmey sand. (matt ghap Semigloss Gloss, je lupoQ)

Sar Colors

puS 150 bIquv Colors. ghaH such as straon, bIpIv'a'-Macs, LG....

modulus wanHa'


HoS wanHa'


mup resistance


apparent ghu'vetlh

1810 kg ghap m3

bIQ absorption


flexural HoS


slip resistance

50 QaD srv, 10 yIQ

abrasion resistance

20.8 mm

chemical resistance

buv: c4

Hap 'u'

pmma, QInvam Aluminum hydroxide rItlh,

sample size

50 * 50 * 12 mm

glue 'ej glue gun je DuHIvDI' maH:

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